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From emancipation to segregation to integration – from Tubman to King to Obama – today’s freedom of African Americans emerged from a continuum of political and psychological evolutions, each of which is built upon prior legacies and achievements.  In advancing the forward flow of this progression, SOVEREIGN EVOLUTION re-declares freedom and equality in 21st-century terms, by using sovereign principles and standards to self-interpret our historical development and self-determine our future direction as a people.


“Today’s political world is light years away from both the 1860s when segregation was progress and the 1960s when riding the front of a bus was progress,” discerns Ezrah Aharone.  “Where you sit on a bus today is becoming relatively cosmetic, considering the wars and webbings of geopolitics that exploit and control the chromium, oil, and rubber in Africa for its tires.  Our conceptions and moral obligations of freedom must therefore continually evolve in pace with the manmade rigors and circumstances of the political times.” 


With “sovereignty” being the highest expression of political authority and accountability of a people, Ezrah applies sovereign ideals in ways that no other work has convincingly or relevantly related to the African American experience.  SOVEREIGN EVOLUTION however does not promote a political movement for Black independence, but rather provides an expanded political consciousness that’s necessary to fortify Black ideals, interests, and institutions upon Obama’s inevitable completion of office. 


As Ezrah writes, “SOVEREIGN EVOLUTION is both the title of the book, as well as a transformative concept that offers new realms of approaches and solutions to centuries-old difficulties.”  Each chapter accordingly sets a platform to infuse sovereign awareness and discourse into mainstream domains that span from elders and Hip Hop culture; to Black universities; to church congregations; to Black organizations and government officials.  

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Sovereign Evolution offers African Americans a 21st-century approach to freedom and equality by using sovereign principles to analyze and evolutionize our current Political and Ideological Self-Identity. Though its content centers on African Americans, it has wider political implications that equally relate to Africans in general. 

Since the dawn of humanity, people have engaged what I call “The Human Quest for Sovereign Powers.” Though I establish a foundation of legitimacy for African Americans to join this quest, the book does not instruct a movement for political independence. It rather shapes the sociopolitical substance of our historical experience into a sovereign consciousness. It encapsulates the issues and political language necessary for sovereign and intergenerational dialogue, and applies sovereign ideals in ways that no other work has convincingly or relevantly related to the African American experience.  

This work does not regard “Civil Rights” as the standard or goal by which our freedom should be measured or aspired. I rather circumscribe “Sovereign Rights” in a universal and historical context that confers us with just as much integrity and authority as any other people to espouse and employ sovereign standards for ourselves.

Having civil rights is “par for the course” of human dignity and decency between every government and society. A government deserves no more “credit” for treating its citizens civilly, than a man deserves “credit” for not beating his wife. The granting of civil rights and voting rights should not be viewed as a marker of a government’s legitimation, since a genuinely moral government would never make its citizenry “fight for civil rights” in the first place.

It is an indefensible affront for any government to have a people engaged in a protracted struggle for hundreds of years to be treated civilly. If after centuries, a people still find themselves fighting to protect their civil rights, then they are in a wrong and unprincipled political relationship.

Facts herein show that Africa comprised sovereign kingdoms long before Africans were enslaved in the Americas. I therefore extend the political ramifications of slavery into an unresolved current issue by showing that slavery not only deprived us of freedom in the past – but its reverberations have disinherited us of sovereignty at present.

Our need for a Sovereign Evolution is not diminished by the 4 or 8 years of Barack Obama’s presidency, given that America is approaching 2½ centuries. Foremost, it is a mistake to credit his presidency to “opportunities of equality” as the establishment promotes for its own self-aggrandized benefit. Conversely, it is due to America’s “political limitations” that, out of nearly 40 million Black people, only one of us has reached Obama’s stature after nearly 400 years.

Whether the issue concerns Katrina and Jena, or being underrepresented in Congress and overrepresented in penitentiaries, the common thread as I demonstrate is that, African Americans are an Un-Sovereign People, who pay varying degrees of Un-Sovereign Consequences. Thus, in a very methodical manner, I circumscribe sovereignty in a universal and historical context that confers African Americans with just as much integrity and authority as any other people to espouse and employ sovereign aspirations.

The ideological framework herein self-applies and legitimizes the concept of sovereignty in ways that no other work has succinctly captured in politically-relatable terms, specific for African Americans. Realizing that not all African Americans will embrace sovereign values, I uniquely specify how a Sovereign Evolution can mutually advance the best interests of us all, without conflict or compromise to core beliefs of anyone. Accordingly, the book sets a platform to infuse sovereign discourse into mainstream domains that reach from street corners of “the hoods,” to Black universities, to church congregations, to the halls of Congress.

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